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Client Testimonials

"The account manager I was assigned was able to get me into not only in the local SEO space that I was focused on, but attracted a new national client base that now creates revenue entirely online. Eddie thought inside and outside of the box for us and never asked for another dollar beyond our original agreement. My highest recommendation!"

Brian Hall
Marketing Director at Rocket Online Tuneup

"We have such niche consulting product for such a niche market that we were spending money hand over fist just to get in front of the right people. Our cost of acquisition has been reduced beyond anything we could have imagined. It is not how you invest your digital dollars that matters… it’s who you invest them with. Thanks Guys!!"

Nehemia S.
TS Business Services

What Performanceplacement service Will Do for you

  • Level the Digital Playing Field :- It’s critical these days to have a well-placed and optimized digital presence. Search rankings are often dominated by corporate level entities that with their deep pockets can shell out tens of thousands of dollars monthly or even weekly to dominate the digital marketplace. We utilize all the same tools, expertise, industry secrets that the big players do, we just do it at an affordable price. Our Mission Has always been to “Truly Level the Digital Playing Field for Everyone.
  • Focus On your ROI :- At Performance Placement Service we realize that a return on your investment within a reasonable amount of time is paramount to your decision to continue utilizing our services as a long term strategy for success.

  • Target the Correct Potential Client Base :- When your goal is to increase conversion rates, it is imperative that you DO NOT allow a cookie-cutter firm to employ a solution that is not targeted to people that want what you have to offer.
  • Optimize Relevant to Competition :- Our team will do a comprehensive study of your website and your competitors website. This is critical to us “Leveling the Playing Field” for smaller and medium sized businesses that don’t have Tens of thousands of dollars a month to maintain profitable rankings & a positive digital presence.

Why Choose Performance Placement Service

  • In general, no ethical SEO company can guarantee any type of first ranked position on Google or any other of the leading search engine providers. If they do, hang up and call us! For example, at Google the search engine algorithm is handled and coded by Google engineers who can change it any time they want. But, our track record should give you a comfort level on our capability and expertise. Our engineers and developers have a proven track record of consistently delivering with a more than 90% success rate in getting first page rankings on Google with the SEO strategies that we provide.
  • We provide our clients with the best way to maximize their digital marketing spending.
  • We provide an account manager to our clients who works on the technical aspects directly our SEO and Web Designing experts. With us you can relax knowing that you have an expert team in place to do all the heavy lifting.
  • As a client of Performance Placement Service, you can spend time running and scaling your business and we will run and scale your Digital Presence.
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